THE CALL… to gather the Family of Light



Please consider joining J. Linn Strouse and Maria “Willow” Lefay on an ASCENSION JOURNEY, during the pivotal time of March 17th-23rd, 2018, at the magical and powerful vortex of TEOTIHUACAN, Mexico.

The “Shift of the Ages” is in process!!!   Many believed that the Mayan Calendar end-date of December 21, 2012, was an ending of time when all (who were ready) would SHIFT into a higher dimension.  However, that was not what we experienced.  We now know that it was not a “single-day event” of ASCENSION, but that it was a pivotal date heralding an opportunity for humanity to achieve ASCENSION; it was the milestone that highlighted the commencement of the Process of ASCENSION that humanity has been gradually moving through since.

As part of this ASCENSION Process, it is known by Gatekeepers, Wayshowers and Ascension Guides that our planet is sequentially and gradually progressing through a Cosmic Threshold into a higher frequency of Cosmic Photonic Light…which means we have been, and are, moving into a higher Octave and Dimension of Light as GAIA establishes Herself in the 5th Dimension.  During the Solstices and Equinoxes major Triggers & Gateways of higher Cosmic Energy have been occurring and been incredibly pivotal and powerful in anchoring Higher Light upon our beautiful planet for the ASCENSION of all.

Moving forward, these Cosmic Triggers & Gateways will not only continue to bring the necessary Light and Codes for the basic Planetary ASCENSION of all life.  In addition to these energies,  we have begun receiving (and will be increasingly receiving) Codes for Galactic Activations, or GALACTIVATIONS, which contain Coding beyond the 5th Dimension!!!  These Higher Codes are ours to receive and embody (if we so choose) as we become fully awakened and embodied Cosmic Christed Citizens and may be experienced by many on our journey!!!

Being physically present at one of the most powerful Cosmic Gateways on the planet to help facilitate in the receiving, grounding and transmitting of these waves of Love & Light and the highest TIMELINE available is a tremendously beneficial act of Love & Service for the Ascension of all Humanity and for individual growth & Ascension.  This is why this Call is being issued to bring together a group of committed Lightworkers at TEOTIHUACAN over the period of the Spring Equinox in 2018 as the Spring Equinox in 2018 promises to be a very important and powerful GATEWAY for all walking the Higher Timeline of ASCENSION!!!

So please join us, if you are so guided, for 5 full days of working in the 8 Gates the Temple Complex of TEOTIHUACAN, as well as, joining us in the incredibly powerful spiritual activities of a Temazcal Sweat and a Long Dance of Ascension & Galactivation on the day and night of the Spring Equinox to enhance our efforts!!!

To learn more about this journey to this powerful portal of Time & Space, you can click  HERE for further background on TEO and our journey.  Click HERE to REGISTER…be sure to look for the Early Bird opportunity if you are registering before 1/1/2018!!!

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