Ok Gang… so let me begin by saying THANK YOU!!

Wow.. we did it! We all co-created this Shift that I know so many EmBodied in the last few days!!!! Holy Wow! (Post-Script.. this is long!… have lots to share)…

So let me try and put into words what my EXPERIENCE has been the past few days, I will start w the New Moon.

The AM of New Moon Monday, Thoth/Hermes came to me… I am closely connected to the Animal Kingdom and in particular the Winged Ones. A flock of White Ibis took up resident in my front yard and in the huge pine tree that towers (leaning! Like the tower of Pisa) in the yard… many of you know I document all these things and share photos all the time on my personal feed. They are all loaded w symbolism for those with Eyes to See… Anyhow. Thoth/Hermes is here to enforce LOL ( I wanted to use a different kinder word but he said NO.. enforce! Lol) that I start writing down/recording my experiences. So. Here is a first attempt.Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 2.16.03 PM

New Moon .. the portal opened.

Jump to day before Solstice… Dec 20. I ran errands all day, yet I was ‘called’ into stores to pick up certain items… some votive candles, I intuitively picked three. I never use these type of typical Central American candles… but I heard that I needed them. I picked up some white, silver, blue and green glass pebbles.. again.. I never use those! Lol.. but I played along. I was told I needed thumbtacks.. lol.. Little did I realize I was instructed in what my Solstice Altar needed! The colors, scents, flowers, candles, symbols it needed. In order to bring in the Golden Ray which we all have surely experienced since yesterday!
Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 2.20.20 PMI was also sent around my home to gather certain sacred items that wanted to be placed on the altar. Certain stones and crystals, certain God/Goddess archetypes.. an amethyst alien crystal skull. See pics for all the items. My GrandMother Quartz crystal. Water from The Nile and from Lake Titicaca. Saraswati and Kali wanted to be hung…Roses. Lots of roses. On the 20th it asked for pink, magenta roses…. To symbolize Mary Magdalena, Mother Mary.. the divine feminine.
As you may have already seen on my feed, after my Solstice Ceremony… Golden and White roses where called in!!!!! Alchemy before my very eyes, and I just follow the flow and allow. I love co-creating in that manner. Time stands still. Ceases to exist at all. Oneness.

Back to Wednesday the 20th. I do my asana/stretch/physical therapy practice (almost) daily on my front porch in the rays of the late afternoon sun.. most potent hours for me to absorb all the rays and information flowing in from the Sun and The Great Central Sun. (wow… a tone like a singing bowl just started… now it’s gone) tehe.
As I was laying in “Legs Up against The Wall” to start my low back and sacral stretches I allowed my breath to carry my consciousness into each area of my body that ‘demanded’ attention. I was shown how my “protectors”; the ligaments between my bones/vertabrea and muscle in my lumbar and sacral spine had created a ‘cast’ while I was suffering from the 3 Herniated Discs I spent all of 2017 healing. The soft tissue was like a concrete wall… obviously locking up movement and creating nervpinching in my entire sacral region. In seeing this, I thanked them for their invaluable service! As my spine at one point NEEDED that cast.. yet in my Now.. it needed to go! So w my breath, slow deep inhales and exhales.. no pause yet as long and deep as possible… I started asking all the fibers to let go.. to melt.. to dissolve.. to ‘retire’ and be done with their task to protect me. I could literally FEEL this process happen, and fiber by fiber the tissues softened producing vertabrea ‘pops’ .. and finally.. after probably 5-10 minutes, one final POP as my entire sacral bowl just popped into place.. it was amazing! Energy surged! From that point my body and different areas guided me into a long slow flow w long holds, repeating same process in sacrum, pelvis, hip, groin areas… It allowed for deeper stretches than I have been capable of in a couple of years! I am sharing this because it MATTERS as I was given the mission by The Great Mother, prior to Peru Journey in fall of 2016, TO HEAL THE SACRAL CHAKRA OF MOTHER EARTH. My entire 2017 has been that process. And that process I will share in great detail with anyone who wants to know, in Teotihuacan during our pilgrimage for the Spring Equinox.
Essentially, the afternoon pre-Solstice I facilitated the final healing of that Chakra. Within myself as well as for the Collective.

This in turn allowed for the alchemy that took place over the Solstice as the Feminine/Masculine finally united in perfect harmony and created the Golden Christed Consciousness Heart… The Center of which is Pure Diamond White Surrounded by ‘a halo’ of Gold… The Center of the Equal Legged Cross.. The Great I AM. Source.
Back to my yoga practice day prior… This is rather personal.. but I need to share so other women can understand the power they possess within their bodies. It is Tantra.
So as I was cooling down after my practice.. instead of Sivansana, I was called to do Butterfly pose.. with soles of feet together, knees folded outward with wide open hips and pelvis. I was called to Place my arms in a similar diamond shape, and finally also called to place my hands in a mudra which created another diamond shape/yoni shape, essentially ‘over’ my Soul Chakra.. see pic! (The Diamond Shapes were significant! .. as you will see in calling in the Diamond White Light Ray)
While going inward during this final relaxation, Christ came to me in surging sexual energy! .. pure Golden light merging w my rose, violet, magenta rays.. The Magdalena frequency… I saw him as a being, yet large and of light.. not matter. Yet the visual image of a very beautiful man was before my eyes… my root chakra opened like a portal/the yoni is that portal, allowing his energy to enter up into the Sacral Chakra where the two merged in pretty intense sensations, let’s put it that way 😉. The Two as One travel up through the SOLAR plexus.. the Great Central Sun within our bodies, and Emerged out the Heart (green ray which became fully activated).. I saw the vision of the equal armed cross. The medicine wheel, lemurian cross, templars cross.. goes by many names. The cross that symbolizes the Masculine and Feminine Intersecting eachother in the perfect center, where the Eye of God is located.
Anyhow.. back to my EXPERIENCE that afternoon. The United Energy shot out of my heart in an orgasmic manner and created pure white light. I floated in the ONENESS, pure awareness, pure now… how do you even describe it?? For quite awhile.
When I ‘awoke’.. and open my eyes.. the sun shone Golden … I felt such Peace and Joy and knew The Shift was here. Then after, I see that Amanda Lorence had posted during that the Solstice Energies had already started 😉.. indeed Sister. And those Dedicated are now fully EmBodied! Congratulations!!! I know I am not alone in these profound experiences.. please share yours below in comments!

So day of WINTER SOLSTICE 2017.

I was called to perform a ceremony on the beach in West Palm Beach, upbeach from the Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 2.16.23 PMTrump estate ( I think he is here for Christmas by the way.. lots of security when I drove by) St Germain has shared A LOT about President Trump to me before and since his election and I will never discuss politics on a public forum because I tend to see the HIGHER PERSPECTIVE.. but trust me when I say that all is truly in Divine Order and that he needs ‘help’… I am starting to suspect that I have been choosen for that task. I actually had a dream the week he was elected… I had asked St Germain prior to sleep to show me in dreamtime info about Trump. In my dream I escort him on his RIGHT arm up to a podium. I was his right wing woman so to speak… Those w ears to hear KNOW this isn’t a political stance… it is a task. I realize I live on the same road (urban gridline) as he does… if I turn East and drive until I hit the Atlantic Ocean, his house is on the Left corner on the 1. (I am second guessing the relevance of this as I am typing but Thoth ensures me it matters somehow..) .. and on the next full moon I have been called to throw a crystal that is being charged on my Solstice ChristMass altar into the canal that runs behind my house… it runs in the direction of his estate.

Back to the Solstice. I am called to do ceremony in the Vescica Pisces that connects The Ocean and The Land.. I was called to stay in ceremony between 11:11 am and 12:12pm 1h1min…
I drew a lemurian cross in the sand and placed items that had asked to be brought into the circle. I had a tall beeswax candle in the very Center, two vials of water from The Nile and Lake Titicaca, Three Crystals: a twinflame healer Quartz from Arkansas mines dug up by the partner I have just left , A starseeded Veracruz Amethyst I went to the mines in Mexico myself and bought from the local miners back in 2015, and a heart shaped Pink Rose Quartz, gifted to me by the Sweet High Priestess Yvonne of the Texas Circle of the Ancient Sisterhood.. from her personal altar. I had 3 pink roses. And sage for smudge. See pic
I was called to play JJ Hurtak’s soundtracks as he calls in the names of God. I turned my cellphone to Airplane to ensure at least limiting interference..
Then I ‘followed instructions’ so to speak… I never go into these situations w a plan or a set ritual. My inner knowing guides me what each ceremony needs and what it represents. No two are alike. Certain elements are always constant of course.. but no two ceremonies I perform are the same. They aren’t learned from an outside source.. my inner knowing and remembering guides me, my guides show me or ‘tell me’.
So I lit the candle w a feeling of envoking the Love of Creator. No words spoken.. just emotion. I then light the sage and smudge the altar in shape of the lemurian cross, I smudge myself and offer the lemurian cross at heart center and crown. Open the portal so to speak! 😉
I am then call into the ocean with the water vials. I offer some of each while up to my waist in the Atlantic Ocean which was still at the moment.. I walk back in to the altar and take the three crystals, along w a black obsidian bead given to me in Teotihuacan in 2015 when Linn and I were there together last time… the obsidian needed a major cleanse! The other three crystals were offered to the waters of Mother Earth.
I then walk back into the shore to get the three pink roses.. walk back out and pluck the petals off each of them and let them float down on top of the water. I was in awe that the Ocean didn’t wash any of them down w her waves. It was so sattvic, so still. As All petals had been shared I myself start floating amongst them … face and energy centers to the Sun… and I receive… and transmit into the most powerful electric energy conduit there is: Water. The Element that governs the Sacral Chakra, Our inner lake our inner ocean our inner well. The Chalice. The Womb.
After some time of floating as such I then return to shore and sit in my sunchair, feet in the sand, palms and heart open, and again I become the Conduit into Mother Earth. I was called to chant the Kadoish Kadoish Kadoish Adonai mantra repeatedly, I connected energetically w all the Gridworkers and with a few via correspondence to share blessings and love.. Time flew.. As 12:12 arrives, I go into the ocean again for a swim to cool off. The sun was intense and hot! As I finish my swim I look at the big bell clock tower that just happened to be right by my spot on the beach, and the time was 12:21… the wind picked up, waves started forming and I heard “It is Done” … and I proclaimed same phrase w my voice box (sound vibration) 3x.

I get home.. and a yellow/golden rose had flowered while I was away.Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 2.17.14 PM

The entire afternoon after I was still deep in ‘download’ mode.. in Oneness w all..
And received so many affirmations on the internet about what had just taken place from amazing Lightworkers everywhere across the globe.

The Divide has happened. Hold the Light.

One thing I have been repeatedly told to share w those that now EmBody. Please be barefoot often on the Earth (preferably moist grass or soil), Allow yourselves to become the conduits in that manner. Rubber soles insulate you from transmitting the Energy from Source into the Grids. It also prevents you from RECEIVING the electromagnetic energy that is a HEALING match for the human vessel FROM The Core of Mother Earth.
Second will make me sound even more like a hippie! Sorry! As a worker w the Water Element.. I have been told that we need to urinate on the earth .. The Waters from within us is coded. And will merge w the waters in circulation everywhere.. so go squat 😉 lol

All I have energy for for now!!! Whoa… 4 pages!

I need to go EARTH in my gardens!


Merry Christmas 💛 I was called back to the beach by President Trumps estate this AM .. and sure enough as i drive here there r roadblocks on my normal route due to his presence here in West Palm between 12/22-1/02 (Amanda Lorence! The numbers) … i then realize WHY i was picked up by an ambulance on the evening of 12/22… w major purging of my Solar Plexus Solar Masculine Center! I Am in Service to the Balance of The Feminine and The Masculine… I have been a conduit for clearing Male Dominance for years.. unknowingly for a long time.. knowingly since this past year… After the hospital visit which showed nothing wrong w me regardless of uncontrollable violent vomiting and anxiety attacks to the point that I thought I was dying, I was ensured that purge was the last one needed…. ! Last night Christ was in my dreams and shared w me many Truths.. including my deepest ‘sin’ which I Am forgiven for through the recognition… 💛🙏🏼💠 Its a Wonderful Christ’s Mass indeed… hoping Yours is equally Magical ☀️🐬🏝🐬💠💛💠🤗😘❤️ One Love!!! Willow
And These are Affirmations I received of the work from other Lightworkers on FB:

AFFIRMATION from Lauren Zimmerman

I have a story for you……
It was 11:35p, last night, Pacific Time.
Still awake with the neighborhood noise going on, I was resting but wide awake. Suddenly there appeared a Stargate. Who wouldn’t be intrigued, right? I mentally merged with it and was instantly standing at the bow of a small extraterrestrial Craft. The shoulder of the Being who was ‘driving’ brushed mine and it was all so familiar. All so ‘home.’

With no idea where we were going, I was a bit surprised when he plunged us into an ocean. Somehow I knew instantly where we were going. Seconds later we were there.

Remnants of Atlantis.

Mind you, I wasn’t there at that time and so I can’t speak to the goings-on. But the sense of things has been with me always. Now I watched, fascinated, as the small Craft dove right into the energy and came to a stop. I had only a split second to wonder what we were doing before I knew. A force field beamed from the small craft, piercing the energy of the ruins in front of me.

I watched in awe as 128 people stumbled from the ruins. They were dressed as they would have been then. Stunned. Confused. Their only thought, I could tell, was escape.

It was my task to bring the story here this morning. 128 people were freed from the energetic chains that bound them, kept them tied to the events of that time and place. The Freedom came at 11:35p last night.

If you had a dream, a vision, a sudden epiphany of yourself, or someone you know, being freed in some way, you may be connected into this event of last night. My ‘take’ on it is … the ‘issue’ back then was power and control. The ‘goal’ was to keep people from knowing their true power and ‘acting up’ against those who controlled them. These 128 people are freed from the ‘chains’ of energy that kept them .. to this day .. from remembering and living to the full extent of who they are. There are many extraterrestrials (family) assisting Earth and Humanity now. They need us to remember. They need us to live our Truths. They are assisting where they can but we came here for this exact reason. The more we walk in the Truth of who we are, the more we assist the healing and evolution of Earth.

Merry Christmas .. and .. you’re welcome. (smile)
 Love and World Peace 

Keep eyes peeled for updates from Linn soon!
One Love!!
xo Willow

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