Namaste All!

For all who are planning on accompanying us to TEO, Willow and I just wanted to post a brief message about the impending expiration of the Early Bird Discount for our Journey.  If you register by paying your deposit of $300 by midnight of 1/1/18, you will receive a $100 discount which would make your total Registration Fee to be $1,195.00.  After 1/1/18, the Fee will be $1,295.00.  Both of these fees are all-inclusive (room, meals, entry fees, in country transportation from airport and to/from the Temple Complex, the Long Dance Fee, and the Sweat Fee).  It does not include international airfare.

We are so excited about this Sacred Opportunity and all of the energy that is coming in around it and about it…both through downloads regarding the journey itself and through all of the amazing Initiates that are planning on being there.  We are truly overwhelmed and in deep gratitude to all that are stepping forward for this Sacred Work at this amazingly powerful Portal & Stargate!!!  We know that all will be pleasantly surprised by how “easy” this journey will be from a 3-D perspective compared to traveling to other Sacred Sites around the world and by the incredible power of TEOTIHUACAN!!!  We truly cannot wait to share it with you…

Additionally, if you are planning on accompanying us, general advice when traveling internationally is not to travel with an expiration date on your passport within 6 months of your travel dates.  So please, check your passport and make sure it does not expire before September 17th, 2018.  If it does, to be safe, you might want to consider renewing it as soon as possible.

Until we next communicate, may you be surrounded with Infinite Love, Joy, Light, Wisdom, Unity, & Peace…

Linn (Sh’Ari Shemoth)


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