A Special Offer for all TEO Participants…

Namaste Dear Brothers & Sisters…

A Beloved SiSTAR of mine (Adrienne (Aja) Trapani), that was with me in Egypt over the Eclipse, has extended a special offer to all those participating in our journey to receive a substantial discount for her Healing & Shamanic Services.  She, too, is a Galactic Shaman and has been very active in doing her work and fulfilling her mission as one dedicated to the Ascension and Galactivation of HUmanity and our planet.  She really wanted to be with us on our journey, but once I had all of our details arranged she already had a commitment which prevented her travelling with us to TEO.

As a result of our connection and her belief in the importance of our Sacred Journey, Aja has become incredibly tuned into our group and our work and is, consequently, receiving messages about our Journey and our Beloved Participants.  One of those messages revealed to her that some in our group would benefit, if they so choose, to engage her services prior to our Journey.  So, to help facilitate that, she has developed a discount for our participants and has asked me to pass it on…which I am joyfully doing.

Therefore, I am heartfully sharing this with our group as I know that she could be incredibly beneficial on several levels to any one of us as we prepare for this Journey…if we are called to engage her.  First, she is an incredible channel and absolutely galactically connected.  Second, her process has the potential to help folks move powerfully and quickly through any residual Shadow work that needs to be addressed.  Third, she is highly tuned into, and skilled in, the removal of Implants or any other nefarious energies that may prevent someone from moving forward on their Path and their reception of the Highest Energies and Downloads/Codes that are now, and will be, available.

So, graciously, to make it easier to access her services she has offered the following generous discounts to our group.  Please know that by no means do Willow or I expect you to do this!!!  However, I do feel from my own messages that I have received regarding our Journey, that some will definitely benefit from receiving this kind of Healing and Activation(s) prior to our Journey.  Consequently, I gladly accepted her kind extension of her services and the special discounts, and encourage anyone that feels called to receive these services prior to our trip to TEO to contact her and schedule a session.

Lastly, please refrain from contacting her for the discount until AFTER you have Registered for our Journey to TEOTIHUACAN, as these discounts are only available to our approved Participants.  If you haven’t yet registered, but are planning on accompanying us, please Click HERE to complete your Registration.

Following are the discounts and the conditions:

Coupon code:  TEO18
Save $100 off a $333 75-Minute Clarity Session
Save $100 off the $200 two 30-minute Follow Up Sessions
Expires:  March 31, 2018

To learn more about Aja and how her work will potentially benefit you, I offer this brief YouTube Video where she explains her work, or you can check her out at her website HERE:

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