One of the many questions that we are receiving from our Participants as they fill out their Registration Forms is clarification on what we mean by the terms “Wayshower“, “Ascension Guide“, “Gatekeeper“, “Portal“, “Pillar” & “Lightworker“.  Since many of us walk different paths and have different terminology (for probably the same things), I thought that I would make a post for all versus answering questions individually regarding our perspective and use of the terms.  So, to that end, I offer the following “definitions” for your consideration & clarity:

LIGHTWORKER:  Relates to all those that have “Awakened” and are consciously involved in spreading the Love & Light of our Creator and the Divine Plan in whatever ways they are called to do so.  They are enabled to do this through the activation of their Spiritual Gifts (such as, Healing, Clairvoyance, Witnessing, etc.) and by their very presence.

WAYSHOWER:  This term relates to all those who have “Awakened”, have consciously chosen the Path of Ascension, and have taken on some level of personal responsibility to assist in the Ascension of their fellow Brothers & Sisters.  They generally do this by being available to the Awakening Ones and helping them to understand what is happening with them by openly sharing their own personal experience(s) and then work to guide them through the Process of Ascension…as they understand/perceive it and based on their Spiritual Gifts.  Their work is usually one-on-one with family and friends.  A “Wayshower”, therefore, is also a “Lightworker”.

ASCENSION GUIDE:  Is a “Wayshower” and “Lightworker” who has committed to assisting in the ASCENSION of our planet and all life upon it, but has progressed further than the Wayshower, and has taken on personal responsibility for leading, healing, teaching, guiding, & mentoring others through the Ascension Process on a larger, generally more public, scale.  They generally take on a public role of teaching and guidance by sharing their experiences, understanding, and teaching with all who have made the choice to Ascend and find their way to them.  These Initiates have a “Knowing” that this is what they are here to do…that it is their Primary Purpose at this point in time and have devoted their life to this work.  As a conscious Team Member of the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT, they are driven by their personal sense of Responsibility to assist in the execution of the Plan of Ascension for our Beloved Planet…and, in some cases, Beyond.  “Ascension Guides” know that they “are the boots on the ground” and are part of the group of “the ones that we have been waiting for”.

PILLAR:  Is an anchor for the Divine Light, Energy, & Codes of Ascension upon the planet and for HUmanity.  They not only are receptors for the Light/Energies/Codes, but also disseminate them through just being here on the planet.  They become more powerful and effective “Pillars” by consciously engaging this ability in their Meditations, Ceremonies Healing, and Planetary Work.  They are energetic conduits for the dissemination of the Codes, Light, & Energies of Awakening & Ascension…not only for HUmans, but for the Mother Earth and all life upon Her.  They are beings who have a strong connection, to and ability to work with, Energy.

PORTAL:  A “Portal” is also a “Pillar”.  The distinction here is that they also have the ability to:  create doorways into other dimensions; create a field for others to shift and transform their BEing and Energies into a higher level; and, to “hold and contain higher dimensional space” for others in group gatherings, such as Ceremonies.

GATEKEEPER: A “Gatekeeper” is a “Portal” and a “Pillar”, too.  They perform very specific work which is focused on the various “power places”, portals, or Stargates of our Beloved GAIA, and (for some) within the Cosmos…or even all of Creation.  As “Gatekeepers”, they have a strong knowing of personal responsibility for the specific Stargates that they are assigned to.  They function, generally, as part of a team of beings who are called to do specific work at a particular Gateway/Portal through Sacred Ceremony which they perform as they are intuitively guided and led.  “Gatekeepers” are often called upon to: open up and activate a “new” Stargate/Portal;  perform functions of maintenance such as cleansing & clearing for ancient, existing Stargates; and to receive and anchor in the new codes and energies as they stream onto our planet for the Stargates that they are connected/assigned to.  Their personal containers, vehicles, are innately designed to receive, hold, maintain, and disseminate very powerful Cosmic Energies and they have (more than likely) been working with these Stargates/Portals for many lifetimes.

I hope you find this information helpful as you consider the part(s) you may play on this Sacred Pilgrimage.  Additionally, PLEASE do not allow these definitions (as I have constructed them) to limit or confine you in any way as you envision your participation and purpose for being in TEO with us!!!  They are just an attempt to help create a common vernacular amongst the Light Tribe that will be coming together over the Spring Equinox in TEO.  Also, please know that we recognize that there are so many other avenues that our personal Purposes and Missions can present to each of us and we are enthusiastically looking forward to working with all of the Threads that will be woven into our Tapestry that are not addressed here, too:)  These are just the ones that have been presented to us via our Guidance to date!!!

Lastly, thank you Joanne Wilson for being the first to ask for clarification on these:)

In Lak’Esh Ala K’in…


Conch Shell Call



  1. bright celticmoonlight March 28, 2018 — 1:52 pm

    Namaste & Lak’ esh Dear Family! Infinite gratitude🙏


    1. ❤ We Are One ❤ Blessings Sister


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