OPTIONAL 2 Day Package w/ DayTrip to The Caves and Hot Springs of Tolantongo


Here are the details for the Additional Days at the Dreaming House and the Day Trip we have planned to Tolantongo Hot Springs and Caverns.

We were able to create an all inclusive package price with Emily at the Dreaming House.

$300 per person, double occupancy, includes:

• 2 extra nights with meals at The Dreaming House

• DayTrip to Tolantongo Hot Springs and Caves on Friday 3/23. Includes Group van transport as well as a local guide who been going there regularly for decades, knows the people there, knows the land like the back of his hand, shows you all the special places, pools and caves, spots in the river that you likely wouldn’t find, leads ceremony there, he can even help with simple things like which restaurant to eat at and translate menu into English. (Lunch at the caves will NOT be included).

• Group Transport to MEXICO CITY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT on the morning of Sunday 3/25. NOTE: When booking your flight, make sure it DEPARTS NO EARLIER than 1 PM Sunday if you want to go with the Group Van. (For any other departures you will need to arrange for private taxi with the Dreaming House. That cost I have been told is around $60).

For PRIVATE ACCOMODATIONS: $370 includes all above. 

I AM personally super excited about this Day Trip and I hope to see many of you take advantage of this amazing deal!!! Let’s go soak! 😉

with Love of the Sacred Rose,



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