Greetings Beloved Light Tribe!!!

This is an awesome message from Rick Jewers, one of my FB friends.  I love how Spirit works when it is trying to deliver a message to us.  These very thoughts have been brewing in my Spirit about this time and particularly about our Journey…and, I love how Spirit validates it through others when it is seeding the Family with what needs to be re-vealed!!!  This message points out the reality of the Hierarchy/Family of Light, the recognition of how each person transitions through their Awakening & Ascension Process in their own way, how ALL are part of this Family with different ways of being called and participate (fulfill your Missions) within this Family, and that as we step into this Mission that we are participating in manifesting the TIMELINE of ASCENSION for all.

I am sharing it now with each of you now who are reading this as I know that you are being CALLED to this Journey if you are here, that we are all QUALIFIED no matter where we are in our ASCENSION PROCESS and knowing Who We Are as part of the Family of Light, and no matter what Paths that we have walked…or are walking now.

I hope this message brings you JOY like it did me, validates your purpose on this Journey if you have chosen to participate, and provides revelation for those who may still be on the “fence”…In Lak’ech Ala K’in ~ Linn

Rick’s Message:

“The transition of the Human mind from uncertainty to Knowing, is an important journey in itself.  There are so many Truths for certain levels of that particular journey, that will change, until One is left with the one Truth that is accepted in their mind, in their body and fully in their Heart.  What One may consider a misconception, another may believe it as an ultimate Truth, this is all part of the journey, weeding out what no longer serves and being able to openly change One’s perspective as Higher resonating Truths enter their fields of Knowledge.  There is no refuting that there is a hierarchy within Divinity, for simplicity, You would not still be here if You wished to leave, and also, what Creates those images in the clouds, how did those handsome balls of Light appear before You, would You really be so vain as to think YOU MANIFESTED THEM?  Of course not, You Know there is at least higher power, and that Knowing, automatically Creates a Hierarchy.

So, You are attracted to the Hierarchy and its magic, it would feel right for You to be part of something that is pure, right and just, something absent of all fear and based on Love. You have this capability and opportunity, bit by bit, You have been shown how to be closer to this Hierarchy, a Hierarchy that ALL can join, on their way back to the ultimate, the convergent point, God/Source.  Many of You are currently a part of this Hierarchy Now, while in Humanoid Form.  You Know as part of this Hierarchy, that there is a purpose attached, a mission. Your Knowledge and resonation features tell You that ALL are capable of being a part of this Hierarchy, under the right conditions.  But, You also see others that do not believe this, others that seem to be shut off from feeling and knowing such a great blissful option for them. There are reasons for that.

When the time is right, the others will Awaken to sufficient degrees to build the New Timelines for Earth.  You are the first to Rise, to clear the path towards the New, by presenting the Truths.  To present the Truths and validate them in an irrefutable position, the lies must be revealed/disclosed, and this is indeed happening.  It is happening because of a Hierarchy of Light Workers that are deep in the systems, pushing all the deceit to the surface.  If every Human Now was part of this Hierarchy, there would be no deceit upon the planet, there would be absolute peace and harmony. All poverty and sickness erased.  It is the intentional deceit that destroyed and enslaved this planet, suppressing it from its rightful place in all dimensions. Common sense will tell any Human Now that if a country can print money out of thin air with no tangible backing, that any amount of money could be printed this way, solving all of the problems of the world, and, in the blink of an eye. The governments, Monarchs, rulers etc., have common sense, or do they not?  If common sense is quite easy to come by, why would those rulers NOT have common sense?  They must have common sense, right?  So, why do they not employ this common sense and why do they intentionally cause this global suffering?  It is because their intent is “ill”.  Why would so many Humans vote for and support such a reality that constantly takes from them and creates great Human suffering?  How long will billions upon the planet allow for a million to constantly keep them in a box, where they can be used as slaves and their lives taken from them? Is the purpose of this Human existence one that robs a Human of all of their choice and being and keeps them working until they become too sick, then die?  Would it not be so easy to implement a system that Loves All and allow for ALL to enjoy a life here of abundance?  Yes, it is.

You are to Know, that things accepted as Soul Contracts are no more written in stone. Y our Soul Contracts are constantly being rewritten by You in the Now.  They are being rewritten by Your daily choices, You no longer have to adhere nor comply with a life of lessons and hardship, You have the door to rise above what no longer serves for You.  You have been given the knowledge and gifts to enable You to write a much more favorable script, an evolving Soul Contract while here on the planet.  You take back and fully own Your consent, for it is Your consent, that You write Your New Soul Contract with.

The Masses were bought and controlled by the lower dimensional object of money, You can break this.  You break this by equalizing wealth, and this in turn, breaks the control over the Masses.” ~ Rick Jewers

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Rick for sharing, for your clarity, and for the role that you are fulfilling!!!

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