Namaste, Blessed Brothers & Sisters…

I’m posting this to start preparing all on our Journey on an overarching aspect of our upcoming work in TEO…and that is our work as Warriors for/of the Light at this time and as we move forward.  I will be following this post up with more information in which I will be sharing the downloads that I have been receiving around this important part of our Work while in TEO.

In 2013 this video was shared with me by one of my Spiritual Brothers who had not been in touch with me for some time and had never shared anything with me before.  However, clearly he was connected with what Spirit was sharing with me at that time and received a nudge (which obviously he acted on) to share this video with me:)  This video was, and remains to be, meaningful to me on so many levels and brings me great JOY, INSPIRATION, CONNECTION, & UNDERSTANDING every time I view it and am called to share it.

Having said that, I am being called to share it (once again) with others that I know that are on this Path, and particularly with our Tribe that is coalescing for this important Journey to TEOTIHUACAN.  It is about AWAKENING, MISSION & PURPOSE, and being the LIGHT and of LOVE for Humanity and our beloved Planet…In Lak’ech Ala K’in ~ Linn

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