Validation #3 ~ Why Teotihuacan

Blessings Beautiful Family of Light,

This is Willow again and I was called to sit down and intuitively write ‘Why Teo, Why Now, Why Me’ and called to share it with you. 

I am Netzach Merkabah Eliahu.

The name was given to me during a powerful ceremony Linn and I participated in during our visit to Teotihuacan and Tula in February of 2015, three years ago. During that journey it came clear to the group of 9 that we were somehow the choosen human representation, ground crew, of the Council of 9 to assist in the Ascension of The original Guardians who’s statues tower at the Sacred Site of Tula. During the ceremony in which we activated a portal to assist in their release we became the recipients of the cloaks representing the new Guardianship. Each of us received a Divine Name. I am thrilled that two more from that Group of 9 (Rodolfo and Margaret) will be with us during our important work during the pivotal Equinox in Teotihuacan. The City of Ascension. The City where Man BEcomes God.

It has in the past weeks come very clear to me how my Divine name relates to this upcoming journey. The name means “My God is Yah (Eliahu), and His Victory (Netzach) ACTIVATES the Vehicle of Ascension (Merkabah).

Last week I had a download which I immediately texted to Linn:

Thursday January 12, 5:08 PM

“…We r going [to Teo] to Activate the MerKaBah of the Sun Pyramid!! I AM Netzach Merkabah Eliahu. U Margaret and Rodolfo and I began our work together at Tula in 2015, as the 4 pillars I have seen. Our ceremony on top of pyramid during the Equinox is to activate and decend upon the pyramid another Capstone of THE LIGHT OF THE FATHER… underneath we activate the CHALICE.. the Feminine Pyramid which lays like a bowl to receive. The two will unite and ignite the WHEELS WITHIN WHEELS of the Pyramid.. hence Fully Activating it to become the New Receiver.. as well as Transmitter.. it will Become an ACTIVE Merkaba.. which anyone who enters.. well… that goes without words.”

The Gathering of The Family of Light that this “Call to Teotihuacan” is showing us to be, is going to be a powerful Galactic Activation of The Sun Pyramid. An event ALL called to this journey have been collectively working towards via their own individual paths up until now. We have been told that this will ‘become the new Giza’.

The information that is constantly incoming for us at this time blows me away personally. My path to this point all makes such sense in retrospect, how life and it’s many twists and turns leads you exactly to the places and people with whom to share to healings and activations in order for the Ascension of planet Earth to take place. We are all so interconnected, and even the word you exchange w a ‘stranger’ can affect outcomes on enormous scales.

I have worn many ‘cloaks’ in my life, lived in various places, social circles and communities.. I thought I had found THE WAY a few years ago in discovering Yoga and Ayurveda, only to find that no one path will ever set you free. Each teaching of Man has it’s traps and control systems, and only by being completely open to ALL paths will one eventually find ‘the voice inside’. The only true teachings happen from within in UNION w the divine, in the dance of ReMemberence with the One. On the human paths we are all equals and the most profound teachings often show up in your Life in the most mysterious and often painful ways; not in a workshop, classroom or book.

There is a golden thread which weaves throughout every sacred text and that thread I follow in communion with Nature; amongst the animals, the flowers, the plants, trees, birds and bees. The rays of the skies and the light of the Stars; they show and share with you how to resonate with the divine, how to be Present in the Now and how AWEsome this interweb of existence truly is. Barefoot in my gardens is where I receive the downloads and the insights, as I become One w it all. It is where I receive healing, as I close my eyes and go inward to be shown where the blockages and stagnations of the Life Force energy resides and I am guided in how to remove those blockages. Or I call in assistance from my Starfamily and ALLOW myself to receive help.

I haven’t always been aware on a conscious level that what I describe above was taking place; my sudden awakening started March 2014, and I have had a rapid Quickening leading to Embodiment since 9/11 2017. My mission here is clear now, and I know the work I need to do and I am fully guided on an intuitive level on a daily basis. Continual Grid work at the Ascension Portal of Teotihuacan is my mission. To Assist in fully Activating the Sun Pyramid is my mission. To gather The Family of Light in flesh is my mission. To show how to live in union w all sentient life on planet Earth is my mission. To share this with The New Children is my mission. To co-create Centers of Light is my mission. And to LOVE is my mission.

Linn and I cannot begin to express how honored and grateful we are for the Souls who have stepped forward and heard The Call. We signed up for this work.

Stayed tuned as I will share more downloads that are coming in regarding this work; my own Chalice/Womb/Feminine aspect of the Merkaba was ‘worked on’ in profound ways in meditation a couple of days ago, and the words to explain and share are coming bit by bit.

Please, if any of you already signed up for this are receiving your own downloads and information regarding this journey, please share! We ARE the Divine Co-Creators of the “New Earth”.

Thank you!

Om Shanti


N.M.E. divine name

Image a photo from “The Seventy-Two Sacred Names of the Myriad Expressions of The Living God” by J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., The Academy for Future Science.











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