Chiefed By:  Sh’Ari Shemoth (Linn)

The Ascension Long Dance is a Visioning Dance which our Light Tribe has been called to perform in order to help facilitate the Process of Ascension for all.  We will be performing this Dance on the evening and night of March 20th, on the grounds of the Casa Del Suenos in TEOTIHUACAN. During this most Sacred Ceremony, our primary goal (as a group) will be to receive and anchor the Codes for Ascension within ourselves, the collective of Humanity, TEO, and Beyond. This Dance is a very POWERFUL Sacred Work, both for the individual dancing and for all sentient life upon our Beloved Planet.  It is a great honor to have been called to participate in this Sacred Ceremony of the Cosmos…

Through the magic of the Ascension Long Dance, the Dancers find that associations which have been hiding deep in their subconscious mind can be brought to the surface of the conscious mind where they can be realized, owned, and released! In addition, Beautiful Painted Arrow, the creator of the Long Dance, has said this about the benefits of the Long Dance:

“In the Long Dance of Life, every step awakens three opportunities for the human; One: placement in eternity; Two: purification of past forms; Three: new opportunities for adventure, for in the instances of eternal time, the new always refreshes and cleanses.”

The Long Dance is an opportunity to quest for your spirit, to surrender, and to endure. Be assured that this work will be accomplished, on some level, by each participant!!!

In addition to the above, the Dancers at TEO during this Sacred Gateway, immersed in this Sacred Vortex, will be able to extend these same Sacred Benefits to the Collective of Humanity!!! They will be dancing for the ASCENSION for the Collective of Humanity…in Alignment with the Plan of the Creator. As Dancers, dancing a future of ASCENSION for all, we will be acting as CONDUITS/PILLARS/PORTALS to receive and transmit the Highest Energies and Codes possible in order that all Creation will receive and benefit from them!!!


After sunset and the TEMAZCAL SWEAT, the Dance Circle will be created through the hanging of the Medicine Shield Banners of each Dancer.  Once the Dance Field is completed, the Dancers (that are able) will begin silently dancing by moving in a clockwise, Solar, motion around the Dance Corral. You will be encouraged to move/dance in whatever way that you wish with the intent of allowing the Codes, Love, Light and Energy from Divine Creation to be received and held within you.

After some time, there will come a magic moment when the Chief will stop the Dancers for a split-of-a-split second and after which will direct the Dancers to reverse their direction to a counterclockwise motion around the Circle to align with the Lunar energies.  We will dance in a moonward direction for the remainder of the dance, where we will be releasing all that we have received into the creative darkness for nurturing, birth, and growth…allowing Spirit to grow the intentions that will be received beyond our greatest imaginings.  Additionally, as we dance our Collective future into being, we may well experience our perceptions of the past changing, too.

After the Dance is brought to an end, we will all disperse to our rooms for journaling/recording and sleep until mid-morning.  Your dreamtime during this part of the Ceremony is an important incubation period in which we will continue to work on manifesting the visions that we have received for the future through our sleep.  After the dreamtime, we will come together as a Group, (still in Ceremony) to break our fast and our silence.  This meal will be a Feast of Celebration where we will be in Sacred Celebration, Communion and Sharing.  Once we have finished Feasting, our Ceremony will officially end…however, the energies will continue to evolve through Spirit’s Grace long after the Dance.


An integral part of the “Medicine Wheel” of the Long Dance is the Dancers’ Banners, or “Medicine Shields”.  In preparation to participate in this Sacred Ceremony, each participant needs to create a banner, through Prayer and Meditation, that will represent you as a Divine Sovereign Being with unique experiences, knowledge, lineage, & wisdom.  The simplest explanation of its purpose is that it should represent “Who You Are, Who You Have Been and Who You Will Be” according to what you “Know” and “Understand” about yourself.  Additionally, to further clarify, it is created to represent you as Soul and your work in the past, the present, and its future.  It is your Soul Signature, your Talisman, your “Medicine Shield”…

Before the Dance commences, each Long Dancer will share the story of their Shields with everyone present.  Once this has been accomplished, the Shields will be hung around the Dance Circle where they will serve as a catalyst for its Dancer to help deepen their connection to themselves and to serve as a conduit for messages from Spirit. Additionally, because of the strong connection that we will inevitably be experiencing with each other, we may receive messages from Spirit speaking through our fellow Dancers’ Shields!!!  These Shields together will serve as the Soul Signature, Talisman, and Shield of our group…our Family of Light…our Tribe that has been called to serve at TEOTIHUACAN, too.


The Medicine Shield Banner needs to be constructed from cloth that will be easy to manipulate and work on (such as silk, taffeta, cotton).  It needs to be 2 feet wide by 4 feet tall, with an overlap sewn across the top two-foot edge.  This overlap should be 2” wide in order that a rope may be strung through it. ANY color of cloth may be used. Once the cloth is selected (after due consideration from you and what you are seeing/feeling/intuiting) and constructed according to the directions above, you will then put artwork on it that depicts: a) where you come from; b) where you are now; c) where you hope to be after the our Journey.  Let the making of the Medicine Shield be a way of forming your intention, catalyzing your Initiation(s), and manifesting your Dream.

I have created this picture below as a general example of how your Shield may look.  As you can see, I failed at Stick People and art in general – not one of my Gifts for sure😊!!! However, I wanted to make sure that you have an idea of dimensions of the Shield, to trigger your Creativity juices, and to remove any judgments/obstacles that you may hold about you not being artistic enough…which is something I struggled with when I prepared my first Banner.  I’ll share a funny story on this when we all get together – still makes me laugh at myself!

Medicine Shield

Lastly, please do not limit yourself in terms of your medium for your creation…it can be a collage of pics; it can have a memento that is attached to it to represent some aspect/experience/knowing; you can use paint/crayons/chalk, or whatever, to depict your message; you can use cut out letters and pictures.  The list of your “medium” can go on and on on how you convey your message…the point being there are no boundaries as to how you create your Shield, except for allowing it to tell your story and to closely following the dimensions of the cloth and creating the overlap😊.  Ultimately, its creation is designed to assist your deepening into yourself – and for it to be FUN!!!  So, please DON’T STRESS over its construction!!!  I know that the energy that will come from each Medicine Shield will be amazing, and I cannot wait to experience them!!!

In closing, please do not hesitate to ask any questions or request clarification.  If you do have a question or request regarding this post, please do so by commenting on the Blog entry on the website so that we may answer it for all who may have that question, too.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in…
Sh’Ari Shemoth (Linn)

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