On our Work with the “SLEEPING”…

And, so, the stream begins!!!  I have been receiving so much, as I know all of us have, regarding our upcoming Journey and the Work that we will be doing.  Understanding has been pouring into me and it is taking a lot to keep it organized in my being in order to share it with each of you in a way that is understandable, can be relevant to you, too…and not be overwhelming in terms of information download:)  In addition, my day-to-day life has become so multidimensional that I am having to learn and navigate through new ways of staying connected…exciting, but in some ways challenging!!!  I am amazed at how many plates that I have been spinning on so many levels and none have fallen and broken yet!!!

So, to help manage the flow of information, Source has started providing tools from others to help us follow the breadcrumbs…and I am so grateful for this as it dramatically reduces the time it takes to create these messages!!!  Additionally, I hope you will recognize that these messages (including this one) also validate that Wayshowers are ALL receiving the same knowings!!!  So exciting!!!

Key Point:  “The Light Work of every person on Earth is now being amplified 1000-fold on a monthly basis through our newly empowered planetary grid of transfiguring Divine Love.  This is allowing the I AM Presences of our asleep Sisters & Brothers to gradually lift their heads above the negativity…“!  Every aspect of this message absolutely validates everything that I have been receiving recently and have known for some time…especially that the recalcitrant may choose not to accompany this Planet and Humanity’s in the ASCENSION!  I originally became aware of the reality of the “Recalcitrant” ones during a vision that I was receiving in July of 2001 at a Sun-Moon Dance.  In this part of the vision. I suddenly knew that there would be those who would not be choosing the higher spiral of Ascension during the Great Shift…I cannot even begin to express the sorrow that came flooding over and through me.  At that time, Spirit told me not to worry as there was a Plan being developed to address/assist them and at that time I was not to concern myself…to focus only on those that would be “getting it”.  I have since that time been doing as I was guided in the vision, but still holding the hope in a place in my heart that they would choose the Ascension spiral.  However, recently I have had to face the reality (through my observations of all that is taking place in our world) that there will be those who are choosing to not make this choice!!!  Still incredibly sad…but, the good news is that there is a plan for them and I know that we will be involved in it through our work at TEO!!!

So, to assist in paving the way in this aspect of our Work, I offer this update.  Know that I know we can do what we are being called to do and that I love you all and am so joyfully (and impatiently) looking towards when we are all together over the Spring Equinox in TEO…

In Lak’ech Ala K’in…Linn

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