Namaste Beloved Light Tribe!!!

I am very excited to be sharing with you an important message from Dr. J.J. Hurtak, receiver and author of “The Book of Knowledge:  The Keys of Enoch“, and his wife Dr. Desiree Hurtak which has relevance to our Journey to TEO.  The video is an annual sharing given by them to those that study and work with the Keys in which they always discuss the previous year’s events that relate to our work in the Evolution of Consciousness and the Ascension of Mother Earth and HUmanity.  In this particular sharing, which was created to commemorate the 45th year of the reception of the receiving of the Keys by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, they discuss many confirmations that have occurred regarding the validation of the information that J.J. received from Enoch and Metatron  in January 1973.

As a Teacher and Student of the Keys for over 30 years, it is difficult for me to convey all the ways in which this message filled and aligned with my Spirit…especially as it relates to our Journey!  Those of us whom Enoch, Metatron, and the Masters of Light have been teaching and working through have been waiting for this time of fulfillment for many years!!!  This video validates that there are signs everywhere that the Great Shift is unfolding and that the Convergence of all Sacred Teachings/Prophecies are now real or in the process of becoming reality!!!

I am sharing it within our Group as I feel there are many key points in their discussion that have great relevance to our Journey and our Sacred Mission.  Some of these points are:

  1. Discussion of how the TRIBE OF LIGHT is being gathered to fulfill the GREAT WORK of the GREAT SHIFT…NOW!
  2. Now is the time to begin to realize the reality of our COSMIC CITIZENSHIP!
  3. Discussion how we are NOT ALONE and the recognition of this REALITY by the powers that be is happening…DISCLOSURE is afoot!!!
  4. The highlighting of TEOTIHUACAN…which I have never seen them do before!!!  I immediately recognized TEO’s Calls that she has been sending to those working in the Light to lend her their attention to her and the Mission that she is in the process of fulfilling NOW!
  5. The movement of Gaia’s primary energy from being anchored in the East to the West…the LAND OF THE DOVE.  This was clearly obvious to me that this had happened while I was in Egypt over the Solar Eclipse and that I was there to tidy up the transfer as part of my work.  IT IS HAPPENING…and is a major part of our charter and our covenant with TEO to assist in the anchoring of this energy there!!!  It truly represents Egypt on a micro scale and is the only complex (again on a micro scale) that is aligned with ORION in the WEST…(more to come on Orion & TEO later within a later post).
  6. The fact that we are being watched by the Higher Evolution and assisted by them…now more than ever!!!  They discuss the emergence of the Whole Light Beings and Orbs and the reality of their presence…which I, personally, can validate and have photographic evidence of from the work that I have been involved in.  Below are some photos of some of my experiences that revealed their existence and the absolute (for me) reality of their Presence and existence in my work:stonehenge9stonehenge10Pics of a WHOLE LIGHT BEING that revealed himself to me at Stonehenge.  Notice His “Coat of Many Colors” and the Star of David on his chest.Mena House Orbs (2) - 080917Orbs outside of my room at the Mena Hotel on my first night in Egypt after the opening meditation
  7. The importance of the LANGUAGE OF LIGHT and its utilization…which we will definitely be using while conducting and fulfilling our mission in TEO!
  8. The merging of the Masculine & Feminine…which totally relates to our work as we will strive to fully anchor the TRIWAVE of the Father/Mother/Child at TEO…the movement of the consciousness and energies of our Beloved Planet and HUmanity beyond the limitations of duality/polarity and into the Sacred state of TRIALITY.
  9. They discuss our abilities to receive and anchor the CODES for Ascension, which is also a MAJOR component of our work while in TEO.

These are just a few of the points that caused me to know that this message was being delivered for those of us going to TEO…that Enoch, Metatron, and TEO are letting us know that we are on target, supported, and that there is great anticipation around our activities and what we will be accomplishing:)  Additionally, please know there is much more that I think will speak to each of you personally in this video and hope that you enjoy it and gain much from it, too!!!

Finally, we know that many of you are receiving your own messages regarding our Journey and we cannot convey clearly enough how important it is for you to share your “ah-hahs”, dreams, visions, experiences with the rest within our Tribe of Light that has been formed for this work.  You can do this by “replying” to our blogs that are posted under the “Journey & Energy Updates” tab on our website…or start your own “blog” of your own personal experience(s) on our FB group page which can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Teogalactivation/.  We (Willow & I) hope that each of you realize that you are equal spokes in this circle that has been formed and that every one of us has been, and is, being called to contribute our own unique threads in this endeavor.  By sharing, we will be able to raise our energies and efforts exponentially to a level that we never would accomplish by keeping our Light to ourselves…

In Lak’ech Ala K’in…Linn

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