Blessings Beloveds!!!

As promised, we are going to start doing frequent updates now that our group has consolidated and this is the first one of that series!  I hope you enjoy it and are able to grasp all the reasons why I am sharing this.  PLEASE LISTEN at your earliest convenience as it will answer a lot of your questions about our gathering and absolutely describes the energies we will be working with….

This post contains an interview by Lauren Galey with Sandra Walter in which Sandra provides an Ascension Process update and discusses where we are in the unfolding work and activities of the Team.  I have been connected with Sandra since 2010 and have found her walk and work to always be in synch with mine and have been sharing her teachings for years with our local tribe.  Consequently, I am always able to totally validate her messages and am always thrilled to be able to share them:)

This particular update from her is incredibly relevant to what I have been receiving and is absolutely related to all that is happening NOW!!!  I literally had begun my own post and then listened to this while in flight to Oregon.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have received this and to not have to create my own version of this as I would have had to have written it…and I do not enjoy writing!!!  I am totally feeling the reality of UNITY CONSIOUSNESS and our Co-Creation of all that needs to be done as this video truly is an answer to my requests to help me juggle all the balls that I have in the air!

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dear SiSTAR for all that you do!!!  Co-creation is a trip!!!

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