Blessings Brothers and Sisters…

I am sharing this message to help prepare and activate our tribe as PEACEFUL WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT.  It addresses our endeavors to fulfill our goal of facilitating the awakening of our sleeping Brothers and Sisters who are still trapped in the 3-D/4-D Matrix the goal for all Humanity to ASCEND!

To address this very important aspect of our endeavors to help create, facilitate, and support DISCLOSURE on all levels while at TEO, I have again chosen to use a video of MagentaPixie’s to convey this message.  I feel that it is perfect as it absolutely addresses all that I have learned and been shown about this work over the years through my own Team and Higher Self.  Her message succinctly, yet thoroughly, provides an overview of the importance of the need for us to be a PEACEFUL WARRIROR OF THE LIGHT if we are to truly function as Wayshowers and Ascension Guides in the Building of the RAINBOW BRIDGE and the ASCENSION of all mankind…

The message begins with these words from the “Nine”…

“In this New Earth, the trials, tribulations, and apocalyptic energetics are not experienced.  In this New Earth, you shall find healing, nourishment, unity, & joy. Yet, this New Earth energy does not sustain the energy that is running away or burying one’s head in the sand.  One must be proactive within the events occurring on the Old Earth in order to access the Rainbow Bridge.  The Rainbow Bridge cannot show itself to you, much less allow you to cross it if you do not stand as the Peaceful Warrior of Light.  It is the proactive amongst you that have activated the Rainbow Bridge and have found their way into the New Earth.”

The timing of this message seems to be apropos as it is my understanding that many in the Lightworker community with public platforms are finding that their networks are being “attacked”!  I don’t know the nature of these attacks, or the damage that has resulted.  I do know that it is prevalent enough that there is a lot of chatter about it amongst us as to these actions of what appear to be “cabal/illuminati” driven.  So, just a heads up that your favorite voices may be facing difficulties right now…but, the negative forces will not prevail!!!

NOTE:  The video will start at 2:47 as prior to that time Magenta is talking about a local artist and her work…thought I would save you some time:)

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!!!  And, as always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns…

In Lak’ech Ala K’in…Linn

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