Willow Checking in… <3

Hello Tribe,

.. as I am deeply immersed in my practiced of Mindful Living in the Now moment, as has become my form of daily practice and form of mediation, I have been instructed by Spirit to do a ‘quick Check-In’ with the Group of Us Gathering in Teo….!!! I can literally feel it in my blood at this point; the Energy stirring and building for this gathering.. i feel in such a High Vibratory state most of the Time, and I am called to Limit outside interaction, and immerse myself in my Urban Farm; into Creative Process. I am an Artist at heart, a designer… I have been called since very early on to places and Spaces that needed beautification and renewed energy.. I have actually managed to makes some good money the last decade on flipping a small ranch in TX.. from Dead Space/GutJob to Divine Sanctuary in 4 years… It was a magical co-creative process with Creator, MySelf, My Husband Jeff, my animals, and the plant spirit around me instructing me what it needed in order to thrive again.. Yes, I used to drive around on an orange Kabota tractor (I miss her!) and spread horse manure on my field in acres of Live Oak grooves… and I spread grass seed..lots of it! Every Spring and Fall… birds loved it. 🙂 Anyway…. wow.. sorry, I can really get chatty when I want to. This is intuitive writing at it’s finest tehe 😉sunflowers

I just wanted to check in and let you know I am so very much looking forward to this journey and work with All of you. I had a dream last night that we were already in circle and service.. I saw Rodolfo w a handful of beautiful women, varying ages, on a front porch chanting OM w singing bowls… Yes… guaranteed we will be experiencing this … bring your bowl Rodolfo… All of you bring singing bowls if you have one easy to travel with. Please! 😀

I have also been asked by Spirit for you all to bring whatever OFFERING you personally use in ceremony.. what your Tradition calls for. I know we all come from many different Walks and Paths… HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT!! If you are unsure and new to all this, I will bring enough Organic Tobacco for us to share. That is what I will be using according to some of the Shamanic Teachers I have had the honors to work with. I will also bring some sacred corn that I have collected on my travels.

I wanted to remind you about bringing a small vessel of Sacred Water; to be collected folrosewater2from a waterway you find sacred, or from a sacred site. I will be bringing water I have collected from The Nile and from Lake Titikaka. We will need this water for a ceremony Spirit has instructed me to co-create with you all.

If you haven’t sent me your Flight information… PLEASE! we need it for our records, ESPECIALLY, your ARRIVAL date, time, airline and flight number. Email to teogalactivation@gmail.com

Finally I wanted to send some photos of my Now in my moments pre-Teo, staying Centered and Connected to the grids.. hours outside barefoot in my gardens daily, working with the soils, plants, insects… birds.. there had been HUNDREDS of dragonflies circling me when I have been frogsunorbsoutside for the past 2 weeks.. also amazing amounts of butterflies circle me constantly, and Frog has been appearing a lot.. I need to look into Frog Medicine. Enjoy some photos from my Day!!! Hope yours is as amazing and creative as mine! It is quite blissful!!!!

xoxoxo Love



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