LINKS…As promised!

Namaste Shalom Brothers & Sisters!!!

As promised, I am providing the links to support material, Sacred Music, and transformational videos that we utilized while we were in TEO.  I hope the list is complete, but if you find that I have left something out, please let me know and I will add it!!!  I hope you continue to find all below informative, activating, transformational, and inspiring!!!


CELESTIAL AWAKENINGS This CD contains multiple individual songs that intone the Sacred Names, including “The Kodoish Mantra” which was played multiple times during our Journey for Divine Protection, Connection with the Hierarchy, and Activation.

THE LIVING CAPSTONE:  This one contains “The Great Litany of the Cosmic Christ: The King of Kings” which was played in the Sound Temple on the night of our Long Dance.  It also contains “The Great Liturgy of the Divine Father” which was played during the Long Dance.

THE SACRED LITURGY:  This CD contains the “Invocation to the Crown of Light” which was played multiple times, including during the Long Dance.  SACRED LITURGY also has the meditation of “The Pillar of Names from Adam to Yeshuah”, which is one of the pillars from the “76 Names of the Dialectic” found in the Keys of Enoch.  We utilized this meditation to restore and activate the Codes of the Divine Blueprint.

JOURNEY ALONG THE NILE:  This CD can be found here. It contains 3 meditations including the powerful “Temples Along the Nile” meditation that we engaged in on the day of our Ceremony at the Temple of the Sun.  It also contains “The Sphinx” which is another meditation that I highly recommend.

SANCTUS:  This compilation of Sacred Mantras of the Sacred Names contains: “The Lord’s Prayer” (in Hebrew), “Amen Melchizedek”, and “E-Elohim” – all of which we used at various times in our Journey and can be found  here.

IMMACULATE WATERS:  This CD contains the powerful meditation of “Shema Israel” which we used to connect with the Family of Light/God in meditation and can be found here.

If you can find HARMONICS OF THE SACRED SEED by ANYAH, it contains the “Sacred Seed” meditation which we used for our opening Invocation.  Unfortunately, I have been unable to discover a link for purchase for this mediation:(.  I will try to download my file from my computer…sometimes that works and sometimes it does not.


MERKABAH: VOYAGE OF A STARSEED:  This video is the award-winning video that prepares us for the Merkabah journey that carries us into the Higher Worlds that we watched on the day of our Temple of the Sun Ceremony.  It can be found here:

THE LIGHT BODY:  This meditation video guided us through sacred areas of the world in which encounter(s) with Whole Light Beings was experienced.  It can be found here:


THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE: THE KEYS OF ENOCH:  As we discussed, I believe that this is the highest and most comprehensive teaching on the planet today regarding this time, the Ascension of our planet, and the Ascension of Humanity.  The link to order this Sacred text is:

PISTIS SOPHIA: This is the Gnostic text which provides an overview of the teachings that Christ delivered to the Disciples after his Resurrection. In this particular version, Dr. Hurtak provides an insightful interpretation of Christ’s dialogue with His Disciples. For those that are wanting to understand the predicament of the “Fall” and the “Forces of Darkness” that man must contend with, this is an excellent teaching.

THE OVERSELF AWAKENING: This Sacred Text of Divine Initiation can be found here.  We didn’t engage this teaching directly…however, it was absolutely foundational in all of our Initiatory work!


For those that are interested in some of the YouTube videos that we watched, here are some links:

MAGENTAPIXIE: The direct address for Magenta’s videos can be found here:  In addition to her overall channel, I strongly recommend, if you are interested, to watch her entire “Silver Solstice” series. This series totally relates to this time and the work that we did. You can access this playlist here.

THE THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT: The link to the overview that we watched is here. I highly recommend following up this video with this one below to gain a deeper understanding to the Electric Universe and the science behind the delivery of the Codes which we had no time to watch…but which I will be posting on our updates page, too. The link for this video can be found here.

DANNY WILTEN (STARSCREAM 233): Danny is the one who brought to all the understanding of the significance of Orion and the Orion Nebula.  His channel can be found here. Also, please consider engaging these videos which marry THE THUNDERBOLTS PROJECT information with the knowledge of the ancient mystics from Danny.  It is a series on our Electric Sun and the Orion Nebula and can be found here.  Danny also provides prolific, revelatory work through his YouTube channel on Orion, Sacred Geometry, imagery of the Mystics and Sacred Art.  These videos linked below cover the relationship between the Orion Nebula, and the STAR OF DAVID/STAR TETRAHEDRON which was foundational to our Gatework and the Teachings.  They can be found here , here, here (a series called “Know What Is In Front Of Your Face”, and here (an overview of Orion and visions of the Mystics and Sacred Art in the Temples).

Well, I believe that this covers all that I promised to provide to you and hope that you find it helpful in your continued Lightwork and Ascension Process.  Please know that I miss you all and am still basking in our Sacred Family’s Energy and Love…

En Lak’ech Ala K’in and Eternal Love…

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