I hope this message finds each of you swimming beautifully in the energies that are flowing in and embracing us in each and every moment at this time!!! I need to apologize about not having communicated since our return, but I have been processing and integrating all that transpired on our journey…and it has required me to pull away from all digital interaction and to limit even my social interactions as well. A lot of the heavy processing has been on our goal of establishing a “group consciousness” while in TEO and to what level we accomplished that. This work of achieving a highly functional group consciousness has required a lot of my attention upon my return and continues to require my focus as it is so critical for the Plan of Ascension for Humanity at this time.

To that end, part of what has been going on for me is a major opportunity that came my way after our group’s return from TEO. To make a long story short, prior to my departure for TEO I asked my I AM Presence and Guides what our local physical group here in Nashville should/would be focusing on upon our return. I was told to pull out my “Rays & Initiations” book by Alice Bailey (which was transmitted to her by Djwahl Kuhl in the 1930’s). I had studied this book extensively in the past (and have taught) – but really only focused on the 2nd part of the book which teaches specifically about each of the 7 initiations.

However, In the front section of the book, there are 14 Rules for Initiation that DK lays out for the Aspirants, Disciples, & Initiates who are on the Path of Initiation. The 14 Rules was what I was told we should consider studying, researching, and incorporating in our group’s efforts to accomplish our goals. This confused me as I had never really resonated with, or been pulled to study, the 14 Rules. However, dutifully I pulled the book out before my departure, sat down, and started reading the 14 Rules…and was I ever blown away as they spoke to me as they never had before. Having said this, at that point, I was still really confused and having a hard time connecting them to our Group’s Work and Consciousness and had no idea how I would even remotely approach them.

Amazingly, all of these concerns were addressed upon my return when I received this information below about considering joining the Elemental Grace Alliance and their group study of the 14 Rules within the 2nd New Moon Group!!! I was/am very familiar with the EGA as it was a powerful motivator and guide for the original establishment of our local group which is now over 2 years old. And, like our group, it has continued to exist and function with the goal of establishing “group consciousness” dedicated to the fulfillment of the Divine Plan.

So, I checked into it and wholeheartedly accepted the invitation and started studying Rule 1 of the 14 Rules with 48 others around the world on the New Moon of May. I have now finished Rule 1 and am moving on to Rule 2 with the others while supporting any new folks who want to move into this study. After this I shared my experience with our local group; we discussed it, and as of today, the 29th of May, our group has decided to merge with the EGA and move into these studies together with them. As this FB group is an extension of our physical group here, we would like to extend this invitation to each of you, too. So, if you are looking for an opportunity and a vehicle to do higher level work as part of the New World Servers, please check out this invitation below and consider joining us. While it promises to be intense, I am convinced that it also be rewarding beyond measure for anyone who accepts this challenge. We hope to see you “there”!!! In the meantime, if you have any questions or need clarification(s), please do not hesitate to ask them via the comments on this post and one of us will be happy to get back to you!!!

Here is the link to study this opportunity and which provides the needed information to formally join if your I AM so leads: Rule 1 Opportunity.

With much Love, Light, & Joy and “En Lak’ech Ala K’in…

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