On Can TRUTHERS & NEW-AGERS Be United???

Namaste Brothers & Sisters!!!

Today has been an unbelievable day of fulfillment, revelation/realization, and JOY. To try and “fill you in” on what has unfolded, I am going to be posting a couple of videos from MAGENTAPIXIE – one included with this post (which I hope you watch first) and another in the next post!!!

The message of this post is so multi-dimensional I am having a hard time expressing the magnitude of what this exchange and message is. As an Indigo Warrior myself, I have been walking in both of these world for some time and to see this breach finally possibly moving into UNITY creates such awe and jubilation that I find myself beside myself!!!!

For those that were on the TEO trip and/or who know me well, you know (or will recognize) that this whole level of work was an underlying thread in our work while there. This video will illustrate a major shift in consciousness that is happening now…

After watching this one, please watch the Diamond Wave video which I will post next…

Here it is:  Truthers & New-Agers

En Lak’ech Ala K’in…

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