This journey will open doors to understanding the esoteric Wisdom Teachings and the Mysteries of the Divinity of the Human Soul, Lightbody Activation, ASCENSION & GALACTIVATION. Stepping into the sacred complex of TEOTIHUACAN, we can see with new vision and resonate with our true purpose and heart-centered intent.

We initiate our Sacred Work & Path of ASCENSION by entering the serpent’s mouth at the Temple of Quetzalcoatl in order to awaken to the remembrance of who we truly are.  Each day we will progress to specific temples and pyramid sites in the complex of TEOTIHUACAN…following the same initiatory path of past Nagual Masters, Jaguar Warriors and Eagle Knights of ancient times, and of all Initiates walking the one true path of Cosmic Citizenry and At-One-Ment.

dreaming-house-23In the evenings, after our day’s work, we will gather in circle for reflecting and sharing our experiences.  During this time, Linn and Willow will lead exercises, Ceremonies/Meditations and discussions on how to best prepare ourselves through this shift and to attune to the new planetary frequencies of light.  Additionally, as we awaken to our own unique purpose and who we are as individual Co-Creators, Willow and Linn will facilitate group activations, utilizing the life force energy of these magnetic power structures and the Energies of the Gateway for the benefit of the initiate and the Ascent of all HUmanity.


Dreaming House

Our home in Teotihuacan is the beautiful retreat estate of Casa del Suenos, (House of the Dreamers), located in a village nestled in the shadows of the ancient pyramid city of Teotihuacan. It is a private sanctuary for spiritual teachers and their groups during sacred pilgrimages to TEOTIHUACAN where the work of the group is profoundly fostered and solidified. The Dreaming House staff are gracious hosts and treats us as family. While in its loving embrace one expects time to stretch and space to bend. Miracles seem normal, and are. food

Within its spacious compound are rooms that are decorated with the art of Mexico’s past, both recent and distant. All rooms have modern conveniences, but no modern annoyances. The atmosphere is reminiscent of the house of don Juan’s warrior’s party, as described in the books of Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner and Taisha Abelar.

Meals in the spacious and gracious dining hall are miraculous in themselves, country Mexican food prepared with skill and love. It’s a magical place for a magical time where personal attention within a safe and supportive environment is the goal…and generally exceeded!!

CLICK HERE for more information about our local Hosts, Hostesses, and the Casa del Suenos!


You will lovingly be taken care of from the moment that you step off the plane until your departure home! Linn and Willow will greet you with open arms at the Mexico City International Airport, where our group will depart together by private van to our “home” for the week in Teotihuacan.

While at TEO, we will be stepping into sacred space and time and proper attention will be given for connection and integration. It is inevitable that each day will be filled with opportunities for individual Soul Activation and Expansion…as well as, to be in service to the Ascension of Humanity. As one of our primary focuses will be to be of Service-To-Others, all Ceremonies and Teachings will not only be for individual benefit, but will also be for all sentient life on Mother Earth.

In addition to temple work at the 7 Gates of the complex of Teotihuacan over 5 days, we will be engaging in a Temazcal Sweat and a Long Dance of Ascension & Galactivation on the day and night of the Spring Equinox. The Long Dance is a visionary dance held at night under the stars where we will not only be dancing for ourselves, but also for the Cosmos.

lee-teo4COST:  $1295 

All expenses are included in this 7-day journey:  daily teachings and ceremonies with Willow and Linn; 6 nights shared lodging in a beautiful private retreat setting; two delicious family style meals per day, all entry fees to sacred sites, the Sweat Lodge Fee, the Long Dance Fee, and group transportation by private van to and from Mexico City airport!

NOT INCLUDED:  Round Trip Airfare to and from Mexico City International Airport.

When booking flights, please plan to Arrive at Mexico City International Airport BEFORE noon on Saturday March 17, 2018.  Willow will be arriving into Mexico City in the PM of Friday, March 16, and will be securing accomodations at a nearby Airport hotel in order to be present to meet our group personally at the Mexico City International Airport on the morning of the 17th.  Anyone interested in arriving the evening before on the 16th, please let us know by contacting us HERE or emailing us @  Taking this step to arrive a day early and stay the night in Mexico City allows for rest and decompression from travel before embarking upon an intense week of inner and outer work.

Additionally, Linn and Willow are also planning a few extra days for additional exploration and Lightwork after the Group Experience, and are open to others joining, if they are so guided.  Let us know when registering if you are interested in this option and we can check with The Dreaming House (or other accommodation) about extra nights.

If you require or prefer Private Accommodations, this option is available at an extra cost of $265. Please inquire by emailing us at











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