Beautiful Painted Arrow

“In the Long Dance of life. . .
every step forward awakens three opportunities for the human:
one: placement in eternity,
two: purification of past forms, and
three: new opportunities for adventure;
for in the instance of eternal time the new always refreshes and cleanses.”
~ Beautiful Painted Arrow

Joseph Rael, (also known as Tslew-teh-koyeh, or “Beautiful Painted Arrow”) is the Creator of the Long Dance, the Drum Dance and the Sun-Moon Dance and is widely regarded as one of the great Native American holy men of our time. Beautiful Painted Arrow is a world-renowned Mystic, Visionary, Ceremonial Leader, Artist, Teacher, and Author.

In May of 2001, during an extended period of Activation for me, I had the opportunity to meet Beautiful Painted Arrow and dance a Long Dance that he facilitated as Chief.  It was a powerful and beautiful experience for me that brought many remembrances of having done the spiritual work of dancing before in many lifetimes.

After the dance, in a private session with Beautiful Painted Arrow, he explained to me that upon meeting me he recognized me and that we had worked together in many lifetimes.  He further explained to me that I was a “Dancer” and that I had been a Chief of the Dance in many lifetimes, as well.  Joseph shared with me that I was to chief Dances in this life in order to assist others during this important time on Mother Earth and that I would know when it was time for me to begin this work. During that interaction, he transferred his lineage as a Dance Chief to me and told me that I had all that I needed to lead others through this powerful Initiation and Activation when I was called. That calling has been activated for me this year and, thus, I will be leading a Long Dance over the Spring Equinox of 2018 while in TEOTIHUACAN

This is a dance in the dark, within your personal darkness, and under the darkness of the Cosmos…all of which are fertile conduits to bring forth associations and guidance from the Subconscious.  Hence, the Long Dance can facilitate reaching the parts of our beingness that other Ceremonies cannot!  There are many reasons for this…such as its primordial nature, dry fasting, and focused and sustained intent. However, the greatest reason is the transformation that occurs due to the Dancing Prayers of the Dancers in alignment with the Creator and in service to the Divine Plan and by plugging the Dancer into the Divine Mystery that is their Essence…that is them, that is this earth, this cosmos, this eternity.

After the Temazcal Sweat Ceremony, we will gather at dusk in the Dance Circle and begin an overnight fast and the Long DanceInvocationWe will commence by calling in the 7 Directions, the Hierarchy of Light, our Ancestors, the Seasons and all of our Brothers and Sisters…the Family of God.  Once we have completed the Invocation, we will begin dancing our Prayers into the Grids of GAIA, all Lifeforms upon GAIA, the Cosmos and all of Creation.  As the Dance continues further into the night, we will gradually progress deeper and deeper into a meditative state, dancing our intentions for the future while reflecting on our past.  Visions and messages can and more than likely will be received through the night and is one of the major purposes and beneficial side effects!!!

At daybreak we will end our Dance and break our fast with water and melon.  Then we will go to our rooms and enter into Dreamtime during which we will have the opportunity to process all that has been received, processed and transmitted.  After the Dreamtime we will join together in a Feast of Celebration for the work that we have done!!!  Abstrat Dance CircleAt this time, we will share (if you so wish) your experiences, visions, and communications received, as well as, prepare for the delivery and depositing of these energies the next day in Ceremony at the TEMPLE OF THE SUN…our last Temple to activate at TEOTIHUACAN.

Through dancing the Long Dance you can expect to be pushed hard and receive much in accordance with what you give.  This Dance is WORK, but it is the kind of work that is intense Worship and is truly one of the most powerful ways to be of Service-To-Others and to the Divine Plan of the Creator.

The above is just a brief overview of the Long Dance. Once your registration is accepted, you will receive more detailed information for your preparation for this transformative Ceremony.  Additionally, please know that the customary contribution for this dance is $150 for the Chief and is included in the overall fees of $1295 for the entire journey.

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