Temple of the Sun - 2
Temple of the Sun at TEOTIHUACAN

In the distant past, in a time that ancient texts speak of as a golden age when the gods walked among us, pyramids and temples were purposely constructed on the earth’s power centers to harness and reinforce the vital flow of life energy. This current of energy may still be channeled and used in activating man’s awakening and Ascension in this epoch of time in these powerful and magical spots of Mother Earth.

Aerial Teo from Temple of Moon
Avenue of the Dead at Teotihuacan

The magnificent pyramid city of TEOTIHUACAN, “the place where humans become as gods”, is one of these sacred places upon our planet and has served as a Center of Initiation and a Repository of Spiritual Knowledge for thousands of years.  In the past, it was a center for Master Adepts known as the Toltecs, or Artists of the Spirit, and was where these Master Teachers practiced and taught select seekers disciplines for living in harmony with themselves, each other, and their environment…creating the dream of Heaven on Earth!

Quetzalcoatl – the “Plumed Serpent”

The TEOTIHUACAN Complex is a complete, consolidated Initiatory & Ascension Complex which is truly one-of-a kind!  It is constructed on a geodetic grid system (a power center) in sacred geometrical alignment with where our Earth’s Energy strongly merges with the Cosmos…and specifically the Gateway of ORION.  When an Initiate engages with this energetic union of the Heart of the Earth with the Heart of the sky at TEO, it provides a “quickening” for them in their transformation into fully actualized beings – the order of Quetzalcoatls…the beautiful plumed serpent, also known as the Christed One!

In simple terms, the Pyramids of TEOTIHUACAN act as a generator, a storehouse for this new frequency of light that is now bathing our atmosphere and planet. Through the energies of this ASCENSION COMPLEX, the new higher Cosmic Energies available now, and Initiatic practices, energy stimulates the Initiate at a cellular level which can create extraordinary Soul Activation, Expansion and Alignment with our Higher Selves and Source.

Teo '08 02
Photo of the Sun over the Temple of the Sun  in 2008 after an Ascension Activation Ceremony



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