The Family of Light

It is with Honor we present some of the Souls who heard The Call stir within them. Our Sacred Circle is forming on a daily basis:

J. LINN STROUSE from Tennessee

Linn Strouse is a Gatekeeper, Galactic Shaman & Portal and has been a Planetary Gridworker and Cosmic Portal for over 20 years. When not being called to do Planetary Gateway and Gridwork, Linn functions as a Wayshower and Ascension Guide. In this capacity, she is dedicated to guiding others through the Shift of the Ages by fostering awareness of the soul and nurturing its expansion, evolution, and destiny. Linn facilitates Soul Initiation and Activation through ancient and modern Esoteric Wisdom Teachings, Sacred Ceremony and Shamanic/Healing modalities. In addition, because of having studied with many accomplished Shamans, Healers, & Teachers, Linn is unique in her abilities to see beyond the physical, to heal through direct connection with Source, and is acknowledged as being gifted in the teaching of cosmic principles in third dimensional language for the Advancement of the Soul and the Evolution of HUmanity during this unprecedented and powerful Shift of the Ages!

Linn is the founder of T.U.L.A. (“The Universal Life~Light Academy”), an online Mystery School of Esoteric Wisdom Teachings for the motivation, education activation, and evolution of the soul. She holds a PhD in Metaphysics, a Doctorate of Divinity, and multiple healing certifications including being a Registered Nurse. Her first book, “The Tapestry of the Soul & Its Evolution: A Primer for Mastering The Shift Of The Ages”, will be released in 2018.


I Am Netzach Merkabah Eliahu ~ “My God is Yah and His Victory Activates the Vehicle of Ascension”.

Netzach Merkabah Eliahu is the name given to Maria during a Council of 9 ceremony with Linn and 7 others at Tula, Mexico in February of 2015. Born in Sweden, her nickname is Willow, a direct translation of her swedish maiden name. Willow knows she is here to Serve in the Ascension of our Planet and the Human Soul IMG_6292Collective. She is a free Soul on a constant Journey of Portal work, as well as Transformation and Transmutation of the Soul into higher levels of Awareness – In Service to All, in Service to One.

Willow works as a Gatekeeper, Galactic Portal and Wayshower; a ‘crystal’ transmitting, transmuting and receiving information from Source and the Great Central Sun. Her Service is to share Heart Centered presence in real life moments in connection with others; be it human, animal, plant, elemental, or Nature Spirit. Willow’s entire adult life has been a journey to various locations for varying amounts of time, to activate portals, and serve as a Divine Feminine Healer of Energy, and has been placed in situations to clear imbalances and traumas of The Masculine in relation to the Feminine. Willow has deep multidimensional connections to the Angelic realms; The Seraphim and AA Michael. She is a Soul of the Blue Ray, a Lunar High Priestess of the Magdalena Order and works to anchor the Cosmic Christed Consciousness into the Hearts of Humanity and Grids and Soils of Gaia.

Willow is a Visual Artist, Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist, Yoga Nidra and Guided Meditation facilitator, intuitive and energy healer, animal communicator, horse trainer and organic farmer in Love with Mother Earth and all of her sentient lifeforms!  Willow has been called to work with and for The New Children incarnating today; She holds a core council spot on the 501 c3 non-profit organization Peace Production ~ ~   and has plans for a Florida based Non-Profit organization that will develop Urban Organic Community allotment gardens to serve low income families, based on the Swedish model of ‘Kolonilotter’.

The video in link below is a short bio. Willow has since it’s creation in 2016 transitioned once again; Between the 888 portal and 9/11 of 2017 the mission and relationship with her TwinFlame came to a close, and she was called to relocate to the next portal; the Bermuda Pyramid Portal, and she currently works and resides in West Palm Beach Florida, with an intense focus on creating an urban ‘eden’ at her Home to anchor the Light into the South East corner of the USA.

In summer of 2017 Willow also stepped away from the Organization of The Ancient Sisterhood. A move her Spirit called for to extend her Energy and Service further out into the world.


I AM Willow   password: willow

NIKKO from Tennessee Nikko

Why do You feel Called to participate in this Ascension Journey?

I feel that for it is actually a doorway to being able to finally look home; to understand why I am here; to get a real good luck of where I come from. Instead of being the goldfish in the fishbowl, I can move to being a drop in the ocean. Part of my work of being open and following that more and being in support of the work while there is helping to hold space and the energy and expand it, too.

Do you know your soul’s Mission/Purpose?   Yes – Absolutely      If Yes, what is it?

Experience the human experience in order to speak about it on a spiritual level. Have always felt that if I hadn’t experienced something I didn’t have any business talking about it. Now, I feel like I have walked the walk and can now talk the talk in order to assuringly talk with others about the journey. Creating a safe place, openings, or doorways in helping people step over.

What do you consider (if known) to be your Spiritual Gifts?

Compassion/Heart-based. Have heart for others and for joy of life (and for myself). Being an example of Joy in life…be the pebble in the lake that ripples this out. Being able to give people the opportunity to give lay terms to spiritually (Synthesizer). Nurturer. Protector.


ROEGAN from TennesseeRoegan

Why do You feel Called to participate in this Ascension Journey?

I feel I have to. I don’t really know but feel that I am to be like a straw for something to move through me. Something is going to come through me. It’s not about me; it’s for me to be open in service.

Do you know your soul’s Mission/Purpose?   Yes – Absolutely      If Yes, what is it?

A couple of things that I know. (1) I am here to help people deal with death and to help them finish things.   (2) Support and encourage a positive way in order that they can progress and fulfill their dreams and to support them by empowering them.   To show others there is someone who believes in them.

What are (has been) your Spiritual Practices/Path so far in your spiritual walk?

Just being the emotion of compassion, love, non-judgment.


DEREK from TennesseeDerek
Why do You feel Called to participate in this Ascension Journey?

I believe in the ascension process and actively work towards it in my
own ways. The invitation came to me out of nowhere so it is an offer I can’t refuse.

What do you consider (if known) to be your Spiritual Gifts?

Strong Intuition and inner knowing, and grounded.

What are (has been) your Spiritual Practices/Path so far in your spiritual walk?

My mother was a free spirit who taught me to
question everything and to seek. Spent my 20’s and early 30’s in
Eckankar but left that to pursue an individual path and ideas. Since
my divorce 5-6 years ago I have prioritized my quest for answers and have discovered our amazing history and purpose as earth bound creatures.  I have yet to realize my own outward spiritual gifts and so I am in awe of all of you who have and do.  It is an honor to be in the group.


CYNDY from Costa Rica  cyndy                

Why do You feel Called to participate in this Ascension Journey?

I just feel a strong pull to be there and feel that I have been stagnating and need to renew my growth.

Are you a Healer, Teacher, or Intuitive?

Healer and possibly intuitive

What are (has been) your Spiritual Practices/Path so far in your spiritual walk?

I attend a small nondenominational bilingual church, but do not consider myself religious. I do not believe any church has all the answers. I consider myself to be spiritual and seek information about the universe and energy.


GAIA SOPHIA, nomadic     gaiaSophia     

Why do You feel Called to participate in this Ascension Journey?

I have been specifically guided to Mexico during this time by my higher self. My interactions with Willow along with other information recently received have been signs that I am supposed to be at this event.

Do you know your soul’s Mission/Purpose?   Yes – Somewhat       If Yes, what is it?

I am here to help with the return of the Divine Feminine. I have also been guided that my work is with Gaia and as of recent the role of grid worker has been delivered to my awareness. I see that my life is now completely devoted to raising the frequency of Gaia. I believe complete clarity on this is still to come which is why I am being guided to this gathering.

What are (has been) your Spiritual Practices/Path so far in your spiritual walk?

I have spent a lot of time with the esoteric knowledge. I have been particularly called to Advaita Vedanta which is a form of Hinduism that practices non-duality. Yoga, meditation and contemplation on ancient texts have been the bulk of my spiritual path. I have also followed the ascension path knowledge because I was partnered with my twin flame and the information more aligned. I studied or followed new age information mostly from Facebook and YouTube. I have been working more recently with grounding into the crystalline core of Gaia and aligning with my highest ascension timeline. I have also been affirming my I AM status, connecting with the Great Central Sun and bringing in the diamond, platinum and golden light into my ascension tube. Really trying to connect with the light and work with it as I feel this is where I am being guided.


MARGARET from Texas  (Zehra-Alim)

 margaretWhy do You feel Called to participate in this Ascension Journey? 

Teo is one of the most potent acupuncture points on this planet.  This is work I have been called upon to do in this lifetime, to be like an energetic acupuncture needle to the Earth.  My energies and not just mine, but our energies can help to heal and reconstruct the light grids, or meridians of the Earth.”

Do you know your soul’s Mission/Purpose?   Yes – Somewhat        If Yes, what is it?

To BE. To hold true to the frequencies and knowing that I have. To help restore the energy gridwork of the planet and of individuals.

What are (has been) your Spiritual Practices/Path so far in your spiritual walk?

Over 20 years of spiritual practice with Sufi teachers. My own learning and exploring. Shamanic learning and practices. Both of these include both work on my own self as well as learning to heal others.

MARY PATTI from Oregon Patti

Why do You feel Called to participate in this Ascension Journey?

Divinely guided via my recently transitioned Twin Flame through amazing synchronicities with Maria Willow. And with every passing day, more signs, synchronicities, and intuitive encouragement and guidance and meeting more of what feels like my Soul Family.

When did you awaken? 

Dec 3 1994! At the Church of the Holy Ghost on Denver’s 16th St Mall while meditating at the Alter of the Holy Spirit! No guessing or estimating involved with this one!

What are (has been) your Spiritual Practices/Path so far in your spiritual walk?

Considering that my path, since my initial awakening in 1994, has encompassed almost every Spritiual practice/path known to mankind (Haha) Seriously. Started resonating with New Age in the ‘90s (hey, it was the closest thing we had to any kind of Ascension or Awakening journey), with all the self-help books (Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra ~ who was still pretty much just a cardiologist with integrative health ideas, Neil Donald Walsh…). I have found myself being drawn to and moving to places I had no idea why, just what was in front of me at the time. But looking back I can see how all of it was related to my journey, my Dharma, and bringing me to where I AM in the NOW moment! My most AWE-Mazing experiences have happened without my planning or even knowing at the time! Have spent much time on Mt Shasta in recent years where I “ran into” Sandra Walter on the June Solstice in 2014 and enrolled in her Ascension Path course. Happened to be visiting Hopi Land on the 11/11/11 (not intentional timing and not fully aware of the significance of it either), and was invited to attend a Portal Opening (whatever that was, but sounded cool) with a Hopi shaman. Also met Bill Ballard there, who later became an important “fellow lightworker”. Mentioned him to Sandra when we were sharing stories of our journeys in Mt Shasta, only to find out they are Best Buds as she put it. So far, my journey has been strongly guided and influenced without my conscious awareness until the last 2 or 3 years.


EDWARD from Californiaedward

Why do you feel Called to participate in this Ascension Journey?

I travel to Equinox/Solstice Archeoastronomy Sites, Spiritual/Sacred Sites in the United States and around the globe solo, and with groups.  Had Calling to travel to site in Mexico, for Spring Equinox 2018 when I came across your website and it Resonated immediately; The Call was before me.

Do you know your soul’s Mission/Purpose?  Yes – Absolutely   If Yes, what is it?

To prepare for Ascension to the next Level, Plane, Realm, Dimension as a Wayshower, Gatekeeper and Intuitive.

What has been Your previous experience, if any, with these types of Journeys & Light Work?

Journeys to include Sacred/Spiritual Sites, Pilgrimages in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Laos, Czech Republic, Spain, France, Germany, Peru, and Bolivia.  




RAJAL  from TexasRajal

What has been Your previous experience, if any, with these types of Journeys & Light Work?

I have been practicing my work as a Life Coach for individuals and families living with symptoms of ADHD for nearly 4 years and have recently been “awakened” late last year and slowly embracing my abilities to Heal. The healer archetype is very fresh and new since its only been a few weeks since the resonance

Do you know your Soul’s Mission/Purpose

Yes. My mission is to heal people and free them from ancestral or self inflicted trauma and take them through the journey of learning to love themselves (exactly the way they are) and spreading their love onto everyone where ever they go.

What are (has been) your Spiritual Practices/Path so far in your spiritual walk?

Yoga, meditation, guided astral journeys, energetic clearing and lots and lots of researching (all in the last year)


JEANETTE from TennesseeJeannette

Why do You feel Called to participate in this Ascension Journey?      

It’s part of my purpose for being here on earth at this time to assist with awakening those who are asleep or resistant to the higher teachings and moving everyone that’s ready, into the next dimension.

When did you awaken?      

I was born awake, but felt like I was “different”, so squelched my thoughts, feelings and knowing (for the most part), until around 10 yrs ago when I started attending study groups around Nashville of like-minded beings.

What are (has been) your Spiritual Practices/Path so far in your spiritual walk?

Christianity, Judeo Christian, AFFS, Kabbalah, Sandra Walker Ascension Path, Drunvelo Melchizadek, Zechiriah Sitchen, Gregg Braden, Reiki healing, Meditation, Sacred Ceremonies, a little Tarot.





































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