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On the day of the Spring Equinox, prior to our LONG DANCE OF ASCENSION & GALACTIVATION we will engage in a purifying and unifying TEMAZCAL SWEAT CEREMONY.  The TEMAZCAL CEREMONY is a powerful and ancient Mayan/Toltec ritual that forces one to face their deepest fears, connect with the Self, purify the Body/Mind/Spirit Complex and provides a Cosmic Platform to offer prayers for all Creation. Our intent in doing it before the LONG DANCE OF ASCENSION & GALACTIVATION is so that we may enter the Dance from a space of Purity, Unity, and filled with the Love & Light of the our Divine Mother and Divine Father.

The name “Temazcal”, or “Temazcalli” is made of two Nahuatl words, “temas”, which means bath, and “calli”, meaning house.  Teo Sweat LodgeThe TEMAZCAL is a Microcosm reproducing the characteristics of the Universe, the Macrocosm.  This is because it not only involves the reverence of Mother Earth by acknowledging and praising Her for our life and all life on Her, but also reverence and praise of the Father (the Sun, the Masculine), by incorporating all the elements of the Father who fertilizes the Womb of Mother Earth…both of which have provided us with Life and the opportunity for Growth, Regeneration & ASCENSION!

We will experience through the TEMAZCAL Ceremony all the elements of our Creation’s different eras or cycles (known as “Suns”).  The “Suns”, according to Aztec mythology, which our world has passed through and continues to pass through are: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water, and Spirit (the 5th World/Era that we are now in).  Consequently, the TEMAZCAL is oriented to the Cosmic Cardinal Directions of the North, the South, the East, the West, & the Center.  We will move and work through these during our Ceremony as we acknowledge their energies of:

1.) The EAST:  Fire.  The Cardinal Point of Birth and the Child and the Male Energies/Principles.  The East represents Beginnings and the Seeds of Creation.  Outside the chamber, in the East, is where the Sacred Fire of the Father that heats the 52 stones that provide the heat for our Transformation will be located.

5 Directions2.) The SOUTH:  Water.  The Cardinal Point of Youth.  The South represents Life, Renewal, Cleansing, Perseverance, and Warriorness.  The South holds the Doorway through which we will enter the Sacred Chamber and leave through.

3.) The WEST:  Earth.  The Cardinal Point of Adulthood and the Feminine Energies.  The East represents Death, Intuitiveness, Materialization, and the Mystery/Unknown.  The West is located deep within the Chamber of the TEMAZCAL and represents the darkness we must face within all ourselves and all things.

4.) The NORTH:  Air.  The Cardinal Point of the Ancestors, the Spiritual Realm and the Hierarchy of Light.  The North represents Wisdom, Reflection, & Communication.  The North also lies deep within the Chamber in the Darkness where Intuition is the most profound.

5.) The CENTER:  Spirit.  Where Heaven meets Earth and our total BEING with our Divine Spark exists.  It is the Conduit for our re-unification on all levels.  The Center is where the Stones which provide the heat of Transformation will be held within the Chamber.

The TEMAZCAL has 4 rounds (or cycles) during which 13 stones (totaling 52 stones) for each Direction, or Doorway, are brought into the Lodge.  52 is an important number in sTONESthe Aztec calendar and sacred numbering system as every 52 years a new fire, a NEW ERA begins…perfect for the work of bringing in the NEW TIMELINE OF ASCENSION!!!!  Lastly, inside the TEMAZCAL Chamber the several different levels of the Heavens are represented through the different levels of temperatures found inside the TEMAZCAL…the highest Heaven being in the upper part of the chamber where the temperature.

According to the ancient doctrine, when we enter the TEMAZCAL we return once again To our Mother’s Womb, presided over by the great goddess, Tonantzin or Temazcaltoci, the great mother of both gods and humans.  She is our Beloved Mother, concerned with the health of the children and she receives us into her womb to cure us of physical and spiritual ills.  The entrance way is low and small and through it we enter a small, dark, warm, and humid space…which recreates the uterus, cutting off the outside world and giving us a chance to look inside and find ourselves again.  Our re-emergence through this narrow opening, at the conclusion of the Ceremony, represents Rebirth from the darkness and silence of the Womb into the Light of Life.

Therefore, through the incorporation of all the esoteric aspects of the TEMAZCAL, we will be blessed with a sacred and safe space in which to feel vulnerable as we collectively experience deep Purification and Transformation for ourselves and all HUmanity through this Sacred Ritual.  It will participate in a loving and powerful experience that will enable us to:Sweat Participants

1.)  Heal wounds and old traumas

2.)  Foster the release of fears, negativity, anger, & judgment

3.)  Remove all kinds of blockages that prevent forward movement

4.)  Purify toxins of all types (physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual).

This amazing Earth Medicine will be providing each of us with the opportunity to dissolve/transmute all that is no longer healthy and keeps us in bondage.  It will do this by providing us the sacred space for Transformation, the reclamation of our Sovereignty, and Rebirth. This Sacred Ceremony will provide us with the opportunity to release all that has been created in our lives that is not in Alignment with the Path of ASCENSION and the Highest TIMELINE available …which will be a perfect state to be in as we move into the LONG DANCE OF ASCENSION & GALACTIVATION at sunset!!!


Sweat Ceremony - Cosmic
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