Part waterpark, part spa, and part nature preserve, Grutas Tolantongo is pretty much the ultimate getaway. The resort is built along a box canyon, open on one end and closed on the other. The mountains around the canyon are volcanic, heating the water to steamy temperatures and infusing it all with minerals. thus forming some of the world’s loveliest hot springs. And whether you’d prefer to just soak in all this natural beauty for as long as possible, or you want something a little more exciting, the resort delivers.

There are several ways to enjoy this Mexican geothermal wonderland. The first is to explore the tunnel and cave– this grotto features a warm, spring-fed pool and river, and also has warm, mineral-rich water misting in from the walls and ceiling… it’s basically like an all-natural sauna, with a pool for swimming. If that’s a little too steamy for you, then a dip in the slightly cooler river might be more your speed. The flowing water provides an almost massage-like effect, and its mesmerizing blue hue adds to the effect… not only does it make the whole experience feel more magical, but the water’s color comes from salts and minerals dissolved in it: perfect for soaking in. You can get an exfoliating mask or mud treatment to further the relaxation. You can also enjoy hiking and camping in this serene environment as well!