Blessings Beloved Light Tribe!!!

Just a quick update to let you know two things.

First, if you have not yet booked your airfare, you may want to do so soon.  The reason I am bringing this to your attention is that as of Friday airfares have seemed to increase substantially.  So, please, if you have already secured your spot with us (meaning you have completed your Registration Form and submitted your $300 deposit), you might want to move forward with attaining your flights to minimize your costs.

Second, if you have not yet booked your reservation for accompanying us and you are planning on participating, please let us know soon as we have to get a head count to the Dreaming House as they will be releasing any rooms that are not booked by us for other groups/guests to take advantage of.  We prefer for this not to happen as it would be amazing to have the Dreaming House all to ourselves, but understand that they will need to do so if we don’t fill their space.  Also, please note that as of today we are only 56 days away from our Journey.  Knowing that we want to nudge those of you that are in the contemplation mode to take action by committing and registering as soon as you can:)!!  If you have questions or concerns regarding coming with us, please do not hesitate to contact Willow or myself at: with your name and phone number and we will be more than happy to give you a call to discuss!!!

Lastly, please send us your travel itinerary as soon as you have it to this email address, too.  We are so looking forward to this Journey and being with all that are called…and can’t begin to express, adequately, all that we are receiving regarding the hopes of what will be accomplished individually and for the Collective!!!

In Lak’esh Ala K’in…



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