Blessing Beloved Tribe of Light!!!

I hope this message finds all doing well and joyfully moving forward in our preparations for our upcoming Ascension & Galactivation Journey to TEO!!! I can hardly wait to meet each of you in the physical and begin this Sacred Work that we have all been called to participate in😊.

To assist you in your preparations and to help ground you in the overarching goals of our Journey, I want to provide for you a brief overview of our objectives as they have been revealed to us (so far). We have a lot to do as you will see from below, but I know that it will be accomplished with ease and grace through our unified efforts and presence.

For our so-called “Newbies”, please do not allow yourself to become confused or intimidated by these as all will be explained as we go along in greater detail, and there will be many of your Brothers & Sisters (including Willow & myself) with us who will be able help you with any questions or concerns that may arise. In the meantime, just take the below in as seeds into your being and allow them a space to be nurtured and grow according to your Divine Design!!!  Also, for any that have any level of questions regarding “worthiness” and concern over what you may have to offer, PLEASE LAY THOSE ASIDE!!!!  You would not have been Called to this Journey if you were not meant to be there and highly needed by the Collective and the Plan of the Divine to be with us!!!!

So, please find below the list of goals that we have at this point. Please note that they are not necessarily listed in order of priority or how we will progress through them while in TEO…

    Complete shifting, anchoring and activation of the New Earth Grids from the East to the West…Altea-America, the Land of the DOVE.
  2. Receiving and Anchoring of a NEW WAVE OF LIGHT & CODES.
    When I first received the Call to create this Journey, I was shown that one of the major objectives would be to finalize the Activation of TEOTIHUACAN as a City of Light and the Temple of the Sun as a TEMPLE OF ASCENSION was initiated in 2004 and has been in process since then (more details on this in later communication). In this vision to create this Journey, I was shown that we would be receiving and anchoring a very unique Wave of Light that would be coming in over the Equinox into the Temple of the Sun. As I understand it, this Wave is a powerful trigger that will the activation of Ascension for the Collective at a whole new level.
  3. Facilitate the continued Activation of the PRIMARY TIMELINE OF ASCENSION.
    We are being Called to anchor the TIMELINE OF ASCENSION throughout the Consciousness Grids of Humanity by anchoring the Codes of Ascension that are already within us and receiving and anchoring the New Codes which we will be receiving during the Equinox period. These Codes have been, and will be, re-writing our DNA which we will be distributing them throughout our grid systems of the New Earth through TEO where all of Humanity, who chooses to do so, can receive them.
  4. Unification of the FAMILY OF LIGHT.
    We will be focusing on calling for the Awakening of the Family of God and preparing and welcoming them into the FAMILY OF LIGHT of all Creation. We will be focusing on taking our place as Cosmic Citizens in alignment with the Divine Plan of Creation. We will be working closely with the Hierarchy of Light on all levels (Ascended Masters, Brotherhoods of Light, Angelics, Celestial Hierarchy).
  5. Anchoring & Activation of the WAVE OF TRIALITY.
    This work began during the Solar Eclipse of 8/21/17. The Triwave is a wave of Light that is designed to move us beyond duality & polarity…to move us beyond the mind-sets of “Masculine” and the “Feminine” and rise to the Triality/Trinity of the “Father-Mother-Child”. This is the unification of the Divine Family on Earth. Our work will be to dissolve the polarity of aligning with the “Masculine” or “Feminine” and to value the inherent Divinity of each…no longer victims…no longer martyrs…but standing as fully glorified and unified Children of Light.
  6. Build & Activate our RAINBOW BODIES.
    Teo is a natural conduit for the activation of and the Evolution/Initiation of the Soul. Each temple has been created to work with the “7 Seals” or chakras of our Being and to facilitate their Opening & Mastery. This work will be interwoven into everything that we do.
  7. Build & Activate the RAINBOW BRIDGE.
    As we activate our Rainbow Bodies, blaze the PATH OF ASCENSION, and activate the grids and Temples of TEO, we will be activating the RAINBOW BRIDGE OF ASCENSION for all (who so choose) to connect to and follow.
    This is the work of the Divine Plan which is focused on the education and liberation of the Soul.  It is about the Redemption and Salvation of all Life on Earth and to free all of humanity from the enslavement of materiality and the limited 3-D bonds of density and the downward spiral of decay.  As Rainbow Warriors of Light, we will strive to work as Beacons of Light and Radiators of Divine Love so that all blinders of the sleeping may be gently and easily removed for all HUmanity.

Now…having outlined the above, I need to make you aware that due to the reality of shifting TIMELINES that any of the above can change, be added to, or completely go away!!!!  I actually had tried to deliver this message much earlier, but was guided to wait until the group and the energies had more solidified into our reality, which has happened.  I have to say that during this time of preparation, it has literally been like chasing strings in the wind and trying to capture them to see where they lead.  So far, these are the ones that I have been able to catch and have not been swept out of my grasp.  Lastly, please know that we know (and hope) that each of you have been receiving your own guidance and cannot wait for you to share what you know needs to be accomplished and encourage you to freely share them!!!

Until we meet in TEO, much Love & Light to each of you!!!

In Lak’ech Ala K’in,

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